Tips For Choosing The Right Artwork For Living Room Walls

Tips For Choosing The Right Artwork For Living Room Walls
Oct 04
Posted by Seo Person

Settling on the right artwork for living room walls can be a tricky and intimidating project. However, the benefits it has on living room spaces are undeniable.

Properly placed art can transform any space from bland and boring, to either fun, modern, rustic or any other personality you want it to reflect.

Most homeowners turn to professional interior decorators to work on their living room spaces. However, you can do this yourself. The following tips can help you pick out the best artwork for your living room walls;

  • Do Your Research

The best way to purchase the right artwork for living room walls is by doing a bit of research. Find out what is in trend and good ideas from blogs about interior decorating.

With so many fine art paintings for sale online, you are bound to find what you love.

  • Always Go With What You Love

The secret to purchasing the best artwork for living room walls and any other item is sticking to what you love.

Sure, there might be a lot of other opinions, but when you love an item, you never stop. Your choice of artwork should always be spectacular for you because it is yours.

If you prefer crafts, then go for that. If you're a lover of modern art, then try out a modern art painting online store. You're bound to get your choice eventually.

  • Contrast Settings

If you want to give your living room an unconventional, fresh twist, then try contrasting the theme and choice of art pieces. Consider purchasing a modern art painting for a traditional living room setting.

Different themes do a lot in improving the visual appeal and aesthetic of a living room space. The "odd" artwork becomes the focal point. Plus, it is especially great when the painting is breathtaking. You can also try this tip for two other options;

Color Scheme

Contrasting the color scheme of your living room and artwork is amazing for the aesthetics. Instead of hanging up artworks that match with your living room color, try something that contrasts it. This way, the artwork doesn't get lost in sight. 


The prices of different artwork for living room walls vary greatly. Incorporate both expensive and cost-effective art on your living room walls. This creates its very own theme, unlike anyone else's.

 artwork for living room walls

  • Size (Wall & Art)

The size of your art should depend on the wall space available in your living room. Imagine the disappointment after getting the perfect artwork for living room walls, and it doesn't fit.

A good example is canvas wall art for living rooms. Canvas art usually takes up a lot of wall space for its beauty to be appreciated. Ensure you are certain about the size of the art before purchasing. 

However, if you're willing to splurge for the perfect piece, then you can ask for a custom-made version that fits your wall space.

To Wrap It Up

The right artwork for living room walls will help set the tone for your home. Hence, it will be more inviting and comfortable.

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