5 powerful Tricks & Tips How to Renovate with little or no money at all

5 powerful Tricks & Tips How to Renovate with little or no money at all
Oct 29
Posted by WallArt Designers

Renovating our home is something that is always fun to do.
It doesn't matter whether it is old or new, the opportunity to innovate always there and usually makes us feel better(way better).  
When it comes to doing and refreshing, we usually feel a sense of satisfaction, even more so if it is an act that comes from our side and acts in favor of something as important as our home.
Nowadays there are quite a few methods, ways, and tools that can give a totally different look than what we are used to so far, sometimes with minimal or no investment in relation to the result obtained.

So what can you do to break the routine?
Let's dive in! 

Before planning the change at your home, here are some tools and tips that will help you make a significant change without breaking your savings plan. 

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1. The arrangement of the house and the Location of things 

Sometimes we can get a real change even when we make some order in what exists. 
Look at your rooms… can you use the space better? Is there a piece of furniture that you would rather have somewhere else? does moving one or more of them can give space and expression to additional furniture or improve access? Maybe you can put together some of the furniture and give you a sense of unity? 
Life inside the house is like a puzzle - and our job is to put it together in the most optimal way. 


2. Color and Wallpaper 

Bring some color to your life!
Even a different color for your wall can completely change the atmosphere at your home, and today you can find a variety of tools and guides that will enable you to create special combinations of colors and special textures - There are also quite a few wall paintings that will give you a unique look that will surprise any visitor who comes to your home.
Even wallpapers, which for years was perceived as obsolete and ugly, today includes an extensive collection of interesting and original designs.
Today there are also quite a few stickers that can decorate the house, which also comes in the form of painting/decoration prepared in advance, and also as a stand-alone design (for example, classic "point" stickers that create a variety of colors). 

 wallpaper - wall decal for kids room



3. Lighting 

Look around, is there enough light in the rooms? 
Switching light fixtures to contemporary LEDs will save you an average of 23% of the electricity bill and add lots of light and atmosphere to life.
A recent study in the United States found that the lack of lighting affects the mood and causes low vitality.  


4. Potted plants 

 Plants are versatile, both in terms of appearance and in terms of size and location options, so that many plants can be placed accordingly - at the entrance to the house, on the windowsill, on the balcony, in the living room and even in the bedrooms. 

They provide an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, connection to nature and of course also help our health through the production of oxygen, which can certainly be a welcome addition to your home. 


 5. Art 

Put some art into your life.
From modern atmospheric paintings, through artistic photographs to arts with a statement.
It will put an interest in your home space, stimulate thought and even stimulate dialogue between people, and it does not have to be Van Gogh or Picasso or Kandinsky and cost millions.
There are young artists in The USA who is willing to give you their creations. Probably you won't really try to find those young artists that are willing to give you their arts.
Thanks to the internet everything is so easy and a "click-of-a-button" far from us.
You can find amazing designs everywhere! We have some very unique designs you can put on your walls and make a complete transformation!
You should definitely go Check them out.
But if all this does not, in your opinion, make the changes you wanted to achieve, perhaps you have to change the house.   


Let's Sum up… 

Your renovated home can contain quite a few solutions you have not thought of without breaking your savings.
You are special people and you deserve to live your life every day all day in a comfortable and special home, which makes you a good mood, arouses passion and creativity in you.  

So, what is your next step towards a better home?    


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