5 Quick Tips How to Design your walls

5 Quick Tips How to Design your walls
Dec 30
Posted by Saar Edri

 Wall Design - This is how you make it Right



The things a person sees on the walls when he enters your home
Can give him a big clue about the person who lives there.
For example, leave the walls empty and every person
Who enters your home will think that
 he is inside of a hotel and the man who lives there is boring.
Bring the right pictures, artworks, and the right wall decor
And you'll have a home that is very hard to forget.

We also know that Filling a big blank wall space can be an exhausting process — and sometimes even very expensive.


That's why we've collected 5 Tips that will help you get through that obstacle easily.

Are you ready? Here we go..


Tip number 1 – what is your passion?

Are you an animals person? Or a person who likes clean lines and modern designs?
The first step is to know what you like and what you are passionate about because that’s what you're going to see first thing when you enter your home.
You don’t want to feel uncomfortable at your own place right?
Decide what will be the perfect match for your walls and go for it!

Tip number 2 - Size does matter!

What is the size of the wall you want to design? Is it a big wall or maybe just a small one? Every wall needs a special treatment!
For small walls, our suggestion is to use a gallery of 4-6 small pictures.
It could be pictures of your family, your cats or even your cars.
Also, you might consider hanging out some minimal drawings that will do an amazing job.
Living room wall picture
For big walls we love Portraits!
They are full of character and colors, they can easily take a boring wall to a whole new level!
The quiet Indian canvas print

Tip number 3 - The colors philosophy

 As most of you probably know, not every color can fit your home design.
For example – a red sofa can't match a green painting, its just doesn’t work together.
The Colors Theory is very long and we can talk about it for hours.
but just to give you an idea of how it should be you are welcome to visit our friend "Tara Mstroeni" blog post.
We promise after you read this you will know exactly what colors are the perfect match for your walls and interior design.

Tip number 4 – The beauty is in the details

Sometimes the perfect design for your walls will be something you didn’t expect. Any guess what we are talking about?


Wallpapers tend to scare people because you have to stick them perfectly and if you want to remove them they leave some marks behind them. Luckily we have some of the best quality wallpapers out there.

You can check them out here


Tip number 5 – The Perfect spot can make the difference


Many people tend to make the mistake of hanging their wall décor too high or too low.

Art workshop owners and interior designers, however, swear by the “60 inches on center” rule. The rule means that you measure up 60 inches from the ground to find the center of a piece of art should be on the wall. If you’re shorter than the average person or if the artwork is an unusual size or shape that looks unnatural at that height you can make some adjustments. If you’re hanging art above a piece of furniture, leave between 4 and 9 inches of space above the furniture.

Let's Recap what we've been going through...
First, you need to find your passion. That's the only way you can be happy with your walls.
Second, know the size of the wall you want to decorate. the bigger the wall the bigger the wall art will be.
Third, Know the colors that fit perfectly into your space. don't blend more than 2 colors that don't have anything to do with each other
Fourth, Take some risks, Try new things. you'll be surprised when you try new things
Fifth, after you choose the perfect wall decor for your home, bar, restaurant etc. Know where to place it!

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